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That sneak peek! I knew Killian wouldn’t just hook up (pun not intended) with some random barmaid.

The episode hasn’t even aired and I’m already dead from all the Captain Swan and Killian Jones feels.

Hook in a knight’s getup?!





I’m so confused.

But I’m so excited!


By Maris Wicks. (x) (artist’s Tumblr) (artist’s Blog)

Colin looks so dashing in his new costume. :”>

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Castiel + sass

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I'm sorry that CS couldn't make it. I ship Swan Queen but I sincearly hoped all ships could go to the next round. You guys did awesome job anyway.

Thank you for the support anon! :) I’ll continue to support your ship in the next rounds of the poll. We Oncers should all stick together and stop the hate. :D Spread the love around! :D

Congratulations fellow Oncers for getting not one, but TWO Once ships to the semi-finals of the Zimbio poll. Let’s all give a round of applause for Rumbelle and Swan Queen. *cue applause*

It’s sad that Captain Swan didn’t get to beat Destiel but I’m still proud of my ship. (Captain Swan has stolen my shipper heart.) It was such a close battle between Captain Swan and Destiel. To think that Destiel has won the past years and that ship has a large following too, I think it’s an accomplishment in itself that we were able to hold our own against Destiel.

(Much thanks to all Oncers who are not Captain Swan shippers but still voted for Captain Swan. It makes my shipper heart feel warm to know that even if you ship Hook and/or Emma with someone else, you still supported our ship.)

I hope all Oncers will continue to support Rumbelle and Swan Queen in the next rounds, regardless of who you ship. Let’s all stick together and show everyone how large and supportive the OUAT fandom is. (^^)/ \(^^)